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Ted Casablanca on George's 'engagement'

Finally, with his usual and subtle irony Ted C. from eonline, is commenting about George's 'engagement' and bearding.

Dear Ted:

George Eads is engaged, and now Jensen Ackles. I see a pattern here.

- Closet.


I must say even I'm a little thrown off by the pattern. Can you enlighten me please?

Dear Ted:

Who will make it to the altar first. Hayden Christensen, Jensen Ackles or George Eads?

-Fake it.

Dear No for Three:

Eads. By default.

And here are some interesting comments posted by the readers on the eonline site:

"Wow, Jensen mentioned along with Hayden C. and George Eads! Could Ted be any more obvious about the fact that all three are bearding? And in fake engagements? Interesting."

"Far from squelching those rumors, they have just spread them to a wider audience. The exact thing happened with George Eads. Now there is much more gay talk about him too. Dumb move, guys, really dumb."

"Re: Eads, Ackles and Padalecki. Yes, we know the pattern, Ted."

"Ow, Ow, Ow! Matt Bomer, George Eads and Jensen Ackles in the same BB? I see a pattern!"

"Is that Ted decided to but in a question that featured Ackles, Eads and Bomer, all with rumors of not being so straight yet all are engaged except for that wonderful maverick Bomer"

"Poor Jensen. Being linked with George Eads. No, not really. He chose to play the HW bearding game. He brought this on himself."

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